Experience the ultimate VIP treatment with our private dining room, the ultimate venue for private events within the vibrant and opulent hub of MISHREE. Seamlessly blending privacy, culinary excellence, and awe-inspiring cocktails, MISHREE’s Private Dining opportunities promise an unmatched experience.

What distinguishes MISHREE is its extraordinary ability to transcend private events into unforgettable experiences. Richly decorated with textures and colours, the fusion of India-inspired decor, ambient lighting and nightlife energy creates an intimate ambience suitable for any occasion.

The culinary brilliance of MISHREE’s recognized chefs and mixologists takes centre stage, complemented by a dedicated service team that effortlessly adapts to guest preferences, ensuring flawless execution for private event.

MISHREE meticulously crafts an environment where every detail contributes to a lavish and memorable event. Whether it’s for celebrations, business gatherings, or unique culinary experiences, MISHREE proudly stands as the premier choice for hosting private events.

To book, call Lalit Negi, Manager – Private Events – (416) 668-6113

Private & Semi-Private

Available for 15+ guests, please inquire within.

Full Buy Out

Available for 300+ guests, please inquire within. 

(905) 690-6500